Becoming Me: A Journey

Whether we realize it or not, many of us have a deep need and desire for connection. Unfortunately, this need is often confused with or hidden by other life demands. Instead of focusing on our emotions we find different ways to avoid feeling them at all.

We know that life “should” be great because we have met all the markers of success. We have a great career, and the love of a spouse/partner, children, family, and friends. But instead, we are struck with a feeling that where we “should” be and where “are” are two vastly different places.

Becoming Me: A Journey Towards Self-Discovery, Acceptance, & Love is about connection. It’s about learning to recognize your voice above the noise of everyone else’s and to honor it. It’s about learning how to live an authentic life and to share yourself with others from this place. It’s about connecting with your spirit and learning how doing so will help you better navigate your life.

If we can learn to love and accept ourselves for who we are, then we are better able to:

  • Speak-up for ourselves to others
  • Feel confident in our decisions
  • Make better choices for ourselves in our relationships
  • Increase our knowledge and awareness of our holistic selves
  • Stop self-destructive habits and behaviors
  • Feel comfortable in our own skin

Many women already understand the benefits of having a supportive sisterhood in maintaining emotional well-being. We will utilize not only the benefits of the supportive environment of a small group of women, but will also journal together and separately as an integral part of this process.

Writing has the power to help us do the following:

  • Unlock and release pent-up emotions
  • Gain personal clarity and life direction
  • Act as a written memory of our experiences

A journal will be provided to each participant as part of your registration for this workshop. This journal will become a treasured part of your personal journey and our shared narrative together.

Sign-up to begin your Becoming Me journey today! I look forward to seeing you there!