Holiday Season Care

Today I wanted to share an article from Psychology Today entitled Bittersweet Holidays, written by Krystine I. Batcho, PhD. In it, she talks about how nostalgia can help us balance the mix of emotions many of us experience during this time.

“The holidays are a time of celebration and relaxation for many, but for some they also bring anxiety and sadness. For many, the holidays mean extra work, responsibilities, deadlines, and expectations. Multitasking, once viewed as exceptional but now as routine, can distract us from the joy and respite holidays were intended to give. Rather than providing an intermission from daily work and worry so we can rest and reenergize, the added demands of special events and attending to all those tasks and people we have postponed “until the holidays” can make holidays stressful. As temporal landmarks, they remind us not only of prior holidays but also of the passage of our lives. Important events in our lives can involve both pleasant and unpleasant emotions. When significant events occur around a holiday, that holiday can become a trigger for the emotions that had accompanied them. As we accumulate such memories, holidays can stir a mix of conflicting feelings.”

“They also encourage greater feelings of nostalgic longing for times in our past that predate aversive events.”

CLICK HERE to read the entire article.

Remember to take care of and nurture yourselves so that you can be your best self for those you love and care for.


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