The Importance of Community

I believe we are all meant to exist within community. Community structures were originally formed around location, culture, and family. However, due to the shifting dynamics within society today, these are no longer the only options. In addition to the above, communities are formed around shared faith, shared hobbies, shared employment, shared food, and even shared type of pets! Location or culture are no longer limitations to the formation of communities. With many of us getting married later or not at all, it is important to make sure that we are purposeful about connecting to one or several types of communities.

Today I want to share just a few ideas about the benefits of connecting to community.

Benefits of Connecting to Community

Increased knowledge-base
Connecting to community can broaden our knowledge-base. By connecting with others who share similar interests or even different ones, we are able to increase our expertise and expand our knowledge. We are able to learn from and share with others.

Increased sense of purpose outside of self
Connecting to community can connect us to a purpose that is bigger than ourselves. Having a sense of meaning that has an impact outside of us strengthens our connection to others and to ourselves. It can give us an understanding of what our life purpose is. Knowing this can help increase our self-esteem and our sense of self-worth.

Increased sense of accountability
Connecting to a community can also increase our sense of accountability. This accountability can actually help us be more successful in reaching our goals. An example could be to connect to a community that is focused on fitness and health, which is a struggle that many of us have. This community could hold us accountable for our exercise and dietary goals and we, in turn, could provide that same motivation for others in this community. By working together we can increase the chances of all of us reaching our goals.

Increased ability to help others
Connecting to community can increase our ability to help others. For example, we may choose to connect to a community that is involved in serving the needs of underprivileged children. By being part of a group, we may be able to reach and help more children than we otherwise would have, had we been doing this on our own.

These are just a few of the ways finding and connecting to community can be a benefit to us. Being able to connect to a sense of purpose beyond ourselves can really add richness to our lives in a way that that is vital to our holistic health. How about you? What are some the benefits you’ve seen in your life by being a part of one or several communities?

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