How to Find a Community

In the last post I wrote about the benefits of being a part of one or several communities. Today, I would like to share some ways that you can find communities to connect to.

Religious or Spiritual Communities
Many of us have grown-up with some type of experience in a religious or spiritual community. As adults, some of you may no longer be connected to any type of religious or spiritual community. If you find that you miss having this connection, then I encourage you to take steps to find a community that meets your needs. Start by thinking about what needs you have and what aspect of religious/spiritual community feels most important to you. It may be things like, type of music, location, connection to community service, time, or many other things. Once you have a better sense of your needs, try reaching out to friends, colleagues, conducting online searches, and reading, to help you find the community that feels right for you.

Health-Focused Communities
If health is something that is important to you, then connecting to a community that has this focus may be a great fit for you. There are communities that focus on fitness, diet, and lifestyle. Again, it is important to think about your needs and what type of support you would like to both give and receive from the community. You may connect with a gym, a fitness class, or exercise practice. You may also connect with a local co-op or find a group that focuses on nutrition and discuses sustainable gardening. The important thing is to think about not only what you need, but what you might be able to contribute.

Hobby-Focused Communities
You may have some hobbies that you enjoy that your friends and family may not have an interest in. Instead of not doing them at all, try to connect with others who enjoy them too. Almost anything can be a hobby, as long as it’s something that you find enjoyable. Different types of hobby-focused communities could be book clubs, online gaming, & crafting. You may be able to locate communities by going to local hobby shops, speaking with friends or colleagues, or searching online. Chances are, if you really like something, there are other people who like it too.

Online Resources
I wanted to share some online resources to help you in your search for different communities to join. Please see the links below for information:

  • Social media groups such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, & Yahoo Groups have a variety of groups and communities that are available to join online.
  • Meetup is a website designed to help people with shared interests meet and form offline clubs in local communities.
  • Things To Do sponsors social and cultural events to create opportunities for people to meet and network.

These are just some of the several different ways that you can become involved in different communities. By expanding your social network, you give yourself the opportunity to add more dimension to your life. You give yourself a chance to explore hobbies or interests that you may not otherwise have done, which can enrich your life. I encourage you to reflect on and identify any areas of your life you would like to enrich.

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