Continuing the Journey

Hello everyone.  It’s been quite some time since my last post.  I ended-up, quite by accident, taking what has turned out to be a much needed break.  In that time I have had a chance to reflect on and gain more insight into the direction I want this blog to take.

Much of the work I do with my clients involves increasing insight, discovering personal truths, and then learning how to act on and live from this space.  In the spirit of this, I would like this blog to be more reflective of that journey.

I am looking forward to providing you with a variety of content as we move forward.  I will be starting a video series in which you will hear the stories of passion-driven entrepreneurs.  You will be able to learn about their process, how they moved thorough their fears and learned how to work and live from a place of passion.  I will also plan include more visual content, personal reflections, and articles designed to inform, inspire, and provoke thought.  On the technical side, I am looking forward to doing a site redesign to reflect this shift.

I’m very excited to begin sharing these things with you and want to invite you back to share in this journey with me.

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