Doing vs. Being

How many of you get caught-up in or overwhelmed by trying to do so too many things?  I know I do.   As a creative person I am often bombarded by several ideas at once, all pressing to take center stage.  When this happens it can be very easy to become caught-up in the doing of it all.

Unfortunately when we solely focus on what we are doing, we can lose track of who we are being in the process.  I want to encourage you to ask yourself a simple question:  Do I feel like I am being true to myself in this moment?

Asking yourself this simple question allows you to check-in with you.  When you ask yourself the question, take a moment to notice the answer.  If it’s yes, then your response may simply be to continue with what you were doing in that moment.  If the answer is no however, then ask yourself this follow-up:  What would work better for me in this moment?

By taking time to check-in with yourself throughout the day you can make sure that your doing doesn’t overcome your being.  After all, when we feel good about who we are, we can share that gift with others.

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