Ask Yourself the Question…

What do you want? This is a question that I ask all of my clients when they first come to see me. What do you want? Have you ever asked yourself that question? If you have, were you brave enough to give an honest answer? Did you have an answer at all? If being practical were not necessary, what would your answer be?

Most of us are keenly aware of what we don’t want. We recognize the problems we have, even if we don’t know how to fix them. We are much less aware however, of what we would like instead. I believe that for some if us, this is due to not knowing that we are allowed to want anything for ourselves. We want things for our family and friends because this is allowed. We want things for ourselves, but only if it benefits someone else. We have been taught that to want something that only benefits ourselves or something that doesn’t appear to be practical is selfish.

You are not only allowed to want, but have a responsibility to do so. When you tap into your wants, you start to become connected to what is important to you. In addition this may help guide you towards your values, skills, and gifts. Knowing these things can help you start to live a life that is more aligned with who you actually are, instead of who other people think you should be.

So, if you haven’t done so today, ask yourself- what do I want?

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