Reluctantly Single

Recently I was thinking about the fact that the majority of the work that I do involves relationships.  I am often supporting clients with rebuilding or healing from broken relationships with partners, spouses, family members, or friends.  At the core of this work is exploring the relationship my clients have with themselves.  It is this relationship that often informs how they relate in all of their others.

I titled this post “Reluctantly Single” because  I think this is often how singles, in particular women, see themselves.  Being single is often seen as the pause in between relationships.  While there are individuals who don’t desire marriage, there are others who still want this for their lives.  Many women in particular are remaining single well into their 30s and 40s who never thought that this is how life would turn out to be.  Because of this I think it is important to begin to explore and change the way we view single-hood.

Today I wanted to share a link for an article that provides 10-steps for how to live a fulfilled life while single.  The first step encourages acceptance and I believe that this is the starting place for any desired change.  Please click here to read the article, Single & Full:  Living a fulfilled life even while being single.

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