For Women Only: Making Peace With Our Bodies

For many women, our relationships with our bodies are complicated. If you’re like me you may have looked at your stomach or thighs and wished they were a different size.  Had issues with the size and shape of your nose or even your height, hair color, or length.  You may have diligently tried different things to “fix” yourself.  As if you were a broken model toy; only having value when you are in good working condition.  If your efforts did not work, you may have opted instead to make war with the offending body part.  Hurling harsh words at it, eventually creating distance between you and it.  You might have even thought to yourself, “If I act like it’s not there then it will disappear.”  Or even, “That body part is not really a part of me.”

Today I want to share a different perspective with you.

You have value now. You cannot do anything to add to or diminish your value.  You are already priceless. Today.  Just as you are.

Now I’m sure some of you just cringed when you read that.  You probably began to run through a list of reasons why what I just said is ridiculous and completely untrue.  And you know what? That’s okay.  This just means that you are not connected to this truth, yet.  Today I want to challenge you to ask yourself some questions, to begin making peace with the body you have right now.  The beautifully imperfect one that helps you navigate the world everyday.  I strongly believe that if you are able to love the body you have right now, then you will be able to love that same body when it experiences changes.  Please know that if you spend all of your time now hating the body you are in; you will not suddenly start loving your body when those desired improvements happen.  You will continue to find things to “fix”.

Identifying the Pain Caused By My Body
To Start, please identify which part(s) of your  body you have a negative relationship with.  Once you’ve done that I want you to write down a list of everything that body part has done to hurt you.

  • What has it kept you from?
  • What hurtful things has someone else said about it that you believe to be true?
  • How do you wish this body part looked instead?
  • What would be true about you if this body part were perfect?

Finding a Different Perspective
I want you to hold those answers in your mind (or write them down I’d your memory is like mine!).  Now I want you to think about you’ve very best girlfriend or daughter.  Imagine if she came to you and said this is how she feels about herself.  What would you say to her?  What words of encouragement would you share to help her see herself in the same that way you do?

Expressing Gratitude
Finally, I want you to express gratitude to the offending body part(s).  If you have more than one area of challenge I want you to focus on one at a time.

  • I’m grateful to my (body part name) because it…
  • I’m grateful to my (body part name) because it helps me do…
  • I’m grateful to my (body part name) because it holds…

Whew! This was a tough one today.  You did it!  You’ve taken the first step towards making peace with and learning to love the body you have right now.  By loving your body now, you will be able to nurture your body to it’s desired level of health.  And honestly, it just feels better.  To not be so harsh and negative towards ourselves.  Remember, what we give to ourselves is what we give to others.

You are priceless now.  Just as you are.

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