Passion-Driven Entrepreneurship, The Journey: Life of a Renaissance Soul

Hello and happy Friday everyone.  I wanted to do something a little different for today’s post for the Passion-Driven Entrepreneurship series.  I’ve recently finished reading, The Renaissance Soul by Margaret Lobestine, and found that this book really spoke to me and I’m thinking it may speak to some of you as well.  She wrote this book to help individuals find out how to “make your passions your life.”

Lobestine starts off by asking a few questions to help you determine if you might be a Renaissance Soul.  These questions include the following:

  • Do you feel a pang of envy when you hear someone say. ‘I’ve always known what I wanted to do ever since I was a kid?’
  • Or are you an expert in one or more areas but feel trapped by other people’s expectations that you will stay in your current field for the rest of your life?

She then goes on to define Renaissance Souls as people  whose number-one career or hobby choice is ‘Please don’t make me choose!’

Lobestine identifies 5 different types of career options that I want to share with you.  This may help you as you reflect on how best to structure your life so that you can engage with all of your passions in a meaningful and productive way.

  1. “Different career paths pursued sequentially”
  2. “Umbrellas – one job that embraces many interests”
  3. “Two for one – two jobs that may be pursued simultaneously and that often complement one another (i.e. banker/financial journalist, stay at home mom/activist)”
  4. “A J-O-B – paid work that serves one’s interests”
  5. “A singular career path with improved life design to accommodate many interests”

I hope that you find this little glimpse into The Renaissance Soul helpful as you navigate your passionate career journey.  For more information about this book, please click here.

If you have successfully structured your life and career where you are able to nurture multiple passions, I’d love to hear about in the comments section below.

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