What Is Social Anxiety?

Hello everyone.  Today I wanted to share an article that will help you understand what social anxiety is.  Anxiety in general can cause high levels of distress and can often take awhile to get diagnosed, because it’s physical symptoms can masquerade as something else.  In his article, Social Anxiety: Hiding In Plain Sight, Dr. Gregory L Jantz helps to shed light on this often distressing disorder.

“For those with social anxiety disorder, other people represent an enemy.  People are adversaries just waiting for that one situation to criticize, belittle, judge, or publicly humiliate them.  People are unsafe.”

“The range of social phobia runs the gamut—from those who feel safe only with trusted family members, to those who experience anxiety around people only in specific situations, such as eating in front of others or speaking in public.”

To learn even more I encourage you to read the full article.

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