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Hello everyone.  If you struggle with starting but not finishing tasks or projects, then today’s post is for you.  I found this wonderful article entitled 5 Ways to Finish What You Start by Susan K Perry, PhD.  The article does a great job of sharing practical reasons why we have trouble finishing what we start.  It also provides some steps to take to learn how to do things differently.  Read the first part of the article below.

“Surely we’ve all done it: start something new and then leave it unfinished. Nothing wrong with that, unless it’s a frequent pattern that causes you distress.”

“Consider the sax lessons begun and stopped, the welding class you dropped out of, the novel you intended to have done by now but haven’t worked on in months or years. Or the de-cluttering you meant to finish on your living space, the blog you began and on which you genuinely hoped to post regularly, the eating or exercise regime you started and stopped.”

If the above rings true, I encourage you to read the full article 5 Ways to Finish What You Start.

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