Mental Illness, Addiction, & Suicide

Hello and happy Friday everyone.

This week I was shocked and saddened, as I’m sure many of you were, by the death of actor Robin Williams due to what authorities reported as a suicide.  For someone who has made so many of us laugh over the years, it makes me sad that he couldn’t bring himself to stay here any longer.

I wanted to share this article that I think does and excellent job of talking about what some of the risk factors are for suicide as well as the importance of not stigmatizing mental illness.  Please read What Can We Learn from Robin Williams’ Suicide? by Bill Knauss, Ed.D.

I thought this quote from the article was very interesting:

“Williams’ death was tragic. It was needless. What can we learn?  Suicide is a belief-related death. What if the belief is wrong? Depression is not terminal. Suicide is. There are many sound and scientifically validated ways to address depression and its complications.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, I hope this article will provide you with insight into your experience as well as a sense of hope that your circumstances can change.

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