Change is Inevitable

Hello and happy Friday everyone.

Life is a series of one transition to the next, and for some of us managing these changes can be very challenging.  Today’s article speaks to this challenge and provides you with some things to consider to help you be able to manage your transitions a little more smoothly.  Teri Goetz, MS, LAC, ACC in the article Take Hold of Your Life During Times of Transition has this to say:

“Change is inevitable. Coping means balancing the reactive with the proactive, being present while processing what’s happened. ”

“With change, you’ll likely have concerns (or fears) about what seems an uncertain future, and legitimately so. Change means that life will be different in some way. Rather than shove down your concerns, take a good look at them.”

I encourage you to read the article to gain more insight into how to better manage the transitions in your life.

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