9 Overlooked Threats to a Marriage

Hello and happy Friday everyone.  I’m excited about today’s article because it really helped broaden my perspective in my work with couples.  There is often a focus on improving the effectiveness of communication within the relationship.  While this work is important, the truth is that being able to communicate effectively with your spouse/partner is really the vehicle to help you address the challenges and concerns within the relationship.  This article speaks to the actual issues that create the challenges in the first place.

Clinical Psychologist Kelly M Flanagan, shares some great insights in his article The 9 Most Overlooked Threats to a Marriage.  Below is one of the threats that he identified:

“2. Marriage doesn’t take away our loneliness. To be alive is to be lonely. It’s the human condition. Marriage doesn’t change the human condition. It can’t make us completely unlonely. And when it doesn’t, we blame our partner for doing something wrong, or we go searching for companionship elsewhere. Marriage is intended to be a place where two humans share the experience of loneliness and, in the sharing, create moments in which the loneliness dissipates. For a little while.”

If you are currently married, dating, or thinking about marriage, I highly encourage you to read the article.  The insights provided may create some “aha” moments for some of you and help you to view your expectations of marriage and intimate relationships in a different way.

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