Strategies to Improve Communication with Difficult People

Hello and happy Friday everyone.

I hope you have been managing okay with the poor weather that is impacting so many of you.  Today’s article entitled, 8 Ways to Talk to Difficult People, provides great advice on how to speak with difficult people.  Kimberly Key does an excellent of providing specific and practical advice on how to communicate more effectively with others.  Please see below for one of her tips:

“4. Be a power listener.

We’ve talked about a few things you can say, but the most essential ninja strategy is to listen. Really listen. Understand what a person is saying and what they appear to be feeling underneath the words. Then repeat it, so they know you really understand them. This single act of acknowledging what the other person says can reduce much of the friction in our communications. You don’t have to agree with the person; good listening isn’t about agreeing, only understanding the other person’s perspective. Ninja listening is about understanding another’s perspective and then compassionately relaying what you’ve heard them say. When a person feels heard and understood, they can more fully hear you, and healthy bonding occurs.”

Please read the full article here.  I hope you are able to start using one or more of these tips today to help you improve how you communicate with the people in your life.

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