Lessons on Gratitude

Hello and happy Friday everyone.

For today’s post I wanted to share some lessons on gratitude that I learned over the past couple of weeks.  Last week I was taken out of commission by the flu.  If any of you have been unfortunate enough to be hit with the flu you know it’s a really nasty bug.  I was not able to return to work until the end of this week.  This has been the longest that I’ve had to step away from work as a result of illness since I started my practice over four years ago.

I experienced a myriad of emotions from frustration to guilt at not being able to provide my w/ the support they are accustomed to receiving.  After processing those emotions, I chose to take a step back and look at what opportunities I was being given as a result of getting the flu.

  1. A Chance to Rest.  Sometimes our bodies know much better than we do, when we need to take a break.  I had been pushing myself very hard since the new year with lots of exciting new projects, but had not been doing the best job of taking care of myself.  Getting the flu forced me to slow down and rest.
  2. A Chance to Be Supported.  My family and friends were awesome in being supportive of me while I was sick.  They supported me by taking me to medical appointments, buying me food and even taking care of the dog, so I could focus on healing.  I was also supported by conversations and words of encouragement.
  3. A Chance to Model Self-Care.  I often speak with my clients’ about the importance of self-care.  Getting the flu allowed me to practice what I preach, so to speak.
  4. A Chance to Practice Flexibility.  I, as I’m sure many of you can relate to, like to have things go according to plan.  Sometimes being flexible is a challenge for me.  Getting the flu forced me to let go of the plans I had and focus my energy on healing instead.  This is an important lesson and its always good when I have the opportunity to practice this skill.

So all in all, I am feeling much better and am excited to get back into my routine next week.  I am left with feelings of gratitude for all of the lessons I’ve been able to learn over the past couple of weeks.

What about you?  Have you had any challenges lately that provided you with an opportunity to stretch and practice gratitude?  If so, it would be great to hear about what you learned in the comments section below.

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