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Who Is the Heart-Centered Woman?

When it’s time to make a major transition, I often process through writing and seek support from those who know me best.

So when it was time to transition my business earlier this year, I thought about who my ideal client is and how I can best support her.  To figure this out I reflected on my career path and looked for common threads.

One of those threads is my tendency to choose work that directly supports other people.   With each position held, I always explored ways to create more ease in the lives of others.  This thread held in my transitions from teacher, administrator, counselor, and coach.

Over the past nine years since beginning my career as a counselor (and now professional coach and artist), I noticed some additional threads.  I noticed many of my clients were dealing with some of the same challenges.  Many of these women struggled with issues of low self-esteem, feeling worthy, and a nagging sense of not being “enough.”

Despite this, these same women had an enormous capacity for empathy and supporting others in a dynamic way.  They could speak powerful words of healing and support into the lives of others yet struggled to give the same to themselves.

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I also noticed these women were deeply reflective and cared more about depth of relationship than the number of relationships.  They were concerned about the meaning of life and finding ways they could be of service to others.

These women often chose high-touch professions, such as teachers, social workers, counselors, and non-profit work.  They were also quite creative and found unique ways to express this in their lives.

This is how I define the heart-centered woman and I am passionate about supporting her because I am one too.   You can visit this page to read the story of my personal pathway to healthy self-connection.

If this resonates with you, I want to invite you to sign-up to join the Rewriting Your Story waitlist.  I have been working on creating new programs and services just for you.

It’s time for you to stop putting yourself last and start nurturing yourself first!

It's time for you to stop putting yourself last and start nurturing yourself first! Click To Tweet

Over the upcoming weeks I’ll be sharing more about my new program designed to help you develop nurturing self-care practices.  I’ll also be sharing some free resources that will only be available to those of you on my waiting list, so please make sure to sign-up so that you don’t miss out.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

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P.S.  Please share this post with the heart-centered women in your life who would benefit from this support.

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