The Burned Pot

The Burned Pot


It all started with a burned pot.

It all started with a burned pot. Click To Tweet

I turned on the stove to make some hard boiled eggs, then returned to my office once everything was set.  I became so engrossed in what I was doing that I completely forgot I was boiling eggs; that is, until my dog started barking.  Now, my dog is ALWAYS barking, so I didn’t think anything of it.

By the time I realized he was barking for a reason, I rushed to the kitchen only to find burned eggs in an burned pot with no water.  I had left the burner on for so long that all of the water had evaporated! I took the eggs out, filled my now darkly stained pot with soapy water and left it to soak in my kitchen sink.

As the week went on and the sink began to fill with dishes, I never touched the pot.  It still sat in my kitchen sink filled with soapy water.  My chest began to tighten, just a little, when I would enter the kitchen and see the sink full of more dishes and the burned pot.  I found myself starting to avoid looking in the direction of the sink, simply grabbing what I needed and leaving as quickly as I could.

Now if you’ve ever burned a pot before, this story may feel familiar to you.  If you’re a person who has a tendency to avoid things that feel “too hard” this may resonate even more.

I decided to finally wash the dishes today, including the burned pot.  The funny thing is, it wasn’t hard.  The soapy water had done its job and I was able to wipe the pot clean with very little effort.  The process to clear my sink of dirty dishes took less than 10 minutes.  This task that I allowed myself to procrastinate on for days, took mere minutes once I actually committed to getting it done.

This task that I allowed myself to procrastinate on for days, took mere minutes once I actually… Click To Tweet

And guess what, that slight pressure in my chest has gone away and I can breathe easily again.  My kitchen feels like a much happier space to be in.

It all started with a burned pot.

It’s funny how we can allow something as small as a burned pot to throw us off track.  I allowed a problem that took less than 10 minutes to solve to take up precious emotional real estate.  Had I simply allowed the pot to soak for a few hours and then wash it the same day, I would have saved myself time and energy.  More importantly I would have held onto my personal power and not allowed an inanimate object to dictate my emotional state when I stepped into my kitchen.

What “burned pot” are you allowing to take up emotional space in your life? Click To Tweet

What “burned pot” are you allowing to take up emotional space in your life?  How can you take action today so that you can reclaim your precious emotional real estate?

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