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How to Recognize the Subtle Shades of Fear + [Worksheet]

Last week I shared the first in what will be a 4-part series on the topic of fear.  In that article, I challenged you to start the process of becoming more honest with yourself about what you fear.  In case you missed it, you can read the article here.

I wanted to continue the conversation by exploring the following question:

How can we recognize fear?

How can we recognize fear? Click To Tweet

More specifically, how can we recognize fear in its many different forms?  As difficult as this topic may be, I think it’s extremely important for us get a handle on.  Awareness is the first step to any change we wish to make.  By becoming aware of how we experience and express the emotion of fear, we can become empowered to change it.

By knowing how we experience and express fear, we become empowered to change it. Click To Tweet

Last week in this country, we witnessed clear signs of fear that showed-up as hatred, anger, and violence.  Because of the extreme nature of these acts, this type of fear is easy to see.  But what about fear that is not so bold?

I thought it might be helpful to first identify some different names for fear.  These names include:

Nervous, anxious, worry, doubt, dismay, dread, horror, panic, unease, cowardice, suspicion, jitters, fright, distress, & misgivings

While not a complete list, it is a great place to start in giving language to this emotion.

As you read the list above:

  • Where there any words that stood out to you?
  • Did you recall any instances where fear showed-up in one of these forms?
  • Did you notice any body sensations that accompanied any of these words?

Really take a moment to just reflect, without judgement, to see what you can learn about how fear shows-up in your life.

To help you I’ve created a free downloadable worksheet which you can find here.

Click Here to Get Your Free Fear Clarity Worksheet

Now that you are more aware of how fear shows-up, the next step it is to figure out how we can minimize the impact that fear has on our lives.  Next week we will explore 5 different strategies to help you do just that.

Thanks so much for stopping by today,

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