Brave Farewells New Beginnings

What it Means to be Brave, Farewells, & New Beginnings

“Bravery is not the absence of fear. It’s the ability to move forward in spite of it.”

As I’m writing this, I have just entered my final week of seeing clients.  Creative Counseling & Consultation Center, the private practice that has carried my dreams for the past 6.5 years is closing.  The “whys” of this belong to me, but are steeped in the same work that I supported so many of my clients in doing; staying true to myself and living a life of authenticity.

I feel immensely grateful for the opportunity I have had to support the healing of so many.  To be allowed to witness stories of the beautiful humans that chose to work with me.

To share the couch that held tears and gave comfort.  To sit between walls that held encouraging words, providing a space that nurtured.

office couch

This space will always exist inside of me as I carry your stories into the next phase of my journey.

While I am sad to close my practice, I know it’s time.  I am grateful for the lessons of this work that I love, but am being called to start a new chapter.  There is much to unpack and learn as I step into the next page of my own story.

I’m holding my dreams gently, knowing that God is mapping out my next steps.  It gives me comfort knowing that my job is simply to trust and move forward.

To the beautiful humans who have felt supported and safe in the words I’ve written on this blog, or my newsletter, thank you for taking the time to listen.  For taking the seeds (lessons) you could plant and water to grow in your own soil.  Please continue to share them; the world needs to hear from you!

You have something that is uniquely, beautifully, and wonderfully you!  Something that no one else on this planet can do quite like you.

I know that vulnerability is scary.  But oftentimes the things make us feel the most vulnerable are what’s most important for us to do.

Thank you for allowing me to grow and journey with you over the past six and half years.

With Gratitude Always,

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    • Karla Lawrence says:

      Hi Jake!

      Thanks so much for the well wishes. I’m looking forward to what God has next in store.

      Blessing :)

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