Create a life of calm, clarity, & ease.

Pathways to healthy connection for

heart-centered women.


Whether we realize it or not, many of us have a deep need and desire for connection.

Unfortunately, this need is often confused with or hidden by other life demands. We know that life “should” be great because we have met all the markers of success.  But instead, we may be struck by a feeling that where we “should” be and where we “are” are two vastly different places.


  • have nurturing and supportive relationships with your loved ones
  • thrive in meaningful work inspired by your passions
  • feel grounded in your faith/spirituality
  • understand & honor your wants, needs, & desires
  • live a more creative and authentic life

Web_Karla46Over the past several years, I have worked with heart-centered women in a variety of settings.  I have found that the level of connection a woman has to herself (i.e. awareness of wants, needs, & desires; connection to a personal mission/vision; connection to spirituality/ guiding belief system; and ability to effectively communicate this to others), directly impacts the level of satisfaction or distress she may experience on a day-to-day basis.

In other words…

The more you are able to live in healthy self-connection, the better you feel in your life and ability to contribute to the world.

Are you ready to move from insecurity, overwhelm, & confusion into a life of calm, clarity, & ease?  Please keep reading to learn how I discovered my personal pathway to connection and how I can help you discover yours.

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