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watch the process 9-2-16

Art Journal Play: Watch the Process 9-2-16

One of the ways I love to play is by combining pictures and words.  Today I wanted to share my art journaling process with you through this Watch the Process video.  As with a written journal, the goal is exploration and play not perfection.  I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my creative process! If you … Read more

journal writing benefits

Top 5 Favorite Benefits of Journal Writing

This week, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my journal.  Now when I say journal, what I really mean is my laptop (pages), my cell phone (Evernote), note cards, and paper journal.  For me journal writing is not so much about the where, but about the what.  The what is getting my thoughts … Read more

Inspiration Fridays: About Courage


Artful Affirmations Friday

Artful Affirmations Friday

Hello and happy Friday everyone.  Today I wanted to share a simple but powerful affirmation for Artful Affirmations Friday. What would your life be like if you choose to see it as a place of abundance instead lack? Comments are open if you would like to share what comes up for you when you read … Read more

Artful Affirmations Friday

Hello and happy Friday everyone.  Today is Artful Affirmation Friday, where I share a creative affirmation designed to encourage and inspire you.  These are the words that spoke to my heart this week and I hope they speak to yours as well. What words have been speaking to your heart this week?  I encourage you … Read more