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Failure is the Path to Success

Hello and happy Friday everyone!  I hope you were able to get a little extra sleep with the hour we were gifted by the time change. This week I was thinking about the role that failure plays in our lives.  To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the word failure and prefer instead … Read more

Get It Done!

Hello and happy Friday everyone.   If you’re like me, you may struggle to complete certain tasks that you know “need” to get done but often don’t because they require a lot of effort.  This post, in fact, is an item I’ve written on my “To Do” list for today.  I’m writing it while avoiding a … Read more

From Start To Finish

Hello everyone.  If you struggle with starting but not finishing tasks or projects, then today’s post is for you.  I found this wonderful article entitled 5 Ways to Finish What You Start by Susan K Perry, PhD.  The article does a great job of sharing practical reasons why we have trouble finishing what we start.  … Read more

The Power of Habits

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to share an article entitled The Power of Habits. Here’s the first part of the article. “It’s typical to speak about procrastination as a habit. There are self-help books with this title in fact. Here are some key ideas from Charles Duhigg that I want to echo when we think about … Read more

How To Identify Your Priorities: Part 1

I recently had a conversation with a client that caused me to think about priorities. More specifically; how we can identify the priorities that are guiding our lives. It can be very easy to get lost in the process between what we want for ourselves versus what we actually do. In the next couple of … Read more

How to Increase Your Productivity

It can be difficult to obtain a consistent level of productivity. As I wrote last week, we are sometimes blocked by feeling that we just don’t want to do something. Others things that can hinder our productivity include the following: a) not knowing how to get started or b) becoming overwhelmed with the number of … Read more