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3 Self-Care Practices for Times of Transition

3 Self-Care Practices for Times of Transition

There is never a “perfect” time for us to practice self-care.  Recently, my self-care routine has been disrupted due to a significant schedule change.  My daily responsibilities have increased causing me to lose time that I normally have for personal reflection and journal writing.  I’ve also (temporarily) lost some other cherished practices including, my preferred workout and creative times.  … Read more

rethinking home- blog

Rethinking Home: Thoughts on Creating Space at Home

Lately I’ve been thinking about home and how to create more space for the things I love. To help, I purchased the book Spark Joy: an illustrated master class on the art of organizing and tidying up by Marie Kondo.  I intended to follow the guide and “tidy up” in the order she recommended, but … Read more

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How to Embrace More Ease + [Free Worksheet]

I feel the pace increasing as the last vestiges of summer slip away.  How can we embrace more ease as we step into this fall season? In today’s article I want to explore the topic of ease.  Specifically we’ll look at what ease is and how we can translate this into our personal lives. What … Read more

how to start writing

How to Get Started With Journal Writing + [New E-Course]

Last week, I shared my top 5 favorite benefits of journal writing.  In case you missed that article you can find it here.  This week, I wanted to share the basics of how to get started with journal writing.  Today, you’ll learn about basic supplies to use, picking a topic, & some additional considerations.  However, … Read more

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A Sneak Peek Into My Free Resource Library

This year I’ve been focused on creating resources to help you improve your self-care.  This led to the creation of my free Simple Self-Care for Busy Women mini course. I knew this was just a beginning however, and wanted to create several resources that would be available exclusively to my newsletter subscribers.  Specifically, I wanted … Read more

build courage

How to Overcome Fear: 5 Strategies to Help You Build Courage

This week’s article is last in a 4 part series entitled Self-Care In a Time of Fear.  In part 1 we explored our attitudes towards people who are different than us and the fears that lie just underneath the surface.  In part 2 we explored the subtle shades of fear by learning some of its … Read more