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3 Self-Care Practices for Times of Transition

3 Self-Care Practices for Times of Transition

There is never a “perfect” time for us to practice self-care.  Recently, my self-care routine has been disrupted due to a significant schedule change.  My daily responsibilities have increased causing me to lose time that I normally have for personal reflection and journal writing.  I’ve also (temporarily) lost some other cherished practices including, my preferred workout and creative times.  … Read more

the art and practice of noticiing

The Art & Practice of “Noticing”

As an artist, I’m aware of a call to “find my voice.”  A way of expression that feels authentic and true to me. The search for this “voice” is ongoing and ever evolving.  With each canvas or journal page, bits and pieces can be found.  In the lines and brush strokes, color choices and tools … Read more

journal writing- personal essay

What is Journal Writing? – [A Personal Essay]

What journal writing is to me My journal is a safe space.  A place where I can come and bear my soul or say nothing at all.  I am able to share here without judgement.  I have the freedom to come and go as I please, knowing that when I am ready, my journal is … Read more

rethinking home- blog

Rethinking Home: Thoughts on Creating Space at Home

Lately I’ve been thinking about home and how to create more space for the things I love. To help, I purchased the book Spark Joy: an illustrated master class on the art of organizing and tidying up by Marie Kondo.  I intended to follow the guide and “tidy up” in the order she recommended, but … Read more

embrace ease- blog

How to Embrace More Ease + [Free Worksheet]

I feel the pace increasing as the last vestiges of summer slip away.  How can we embrace more ease as we step into this fall season? In today’s article I want to explore the topic of ease.  Specifically we’ll look at what ease is and how we can translate this into our personal lives. What … Read more

using sentence starters

How to Use Sentence Starters in Your Journal Writing + [Free Worksheet]

This week has been filled with lots of words.  Words of new adventures, healing, growth, celebrations, and frustrations.  These words have been shared with friends, family, clients, & my dog!  These words have been written, typed and scribbled down on notepads.  It’s been my privilege and pleasure to share these words, my personal journal writing … Read more