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the art and practice of noticiing

The Art & Practice of “Noticing”

As an artist, I’m aware of a call to “find my voice.”  A way of expression that feels authentic and true to me.

The search for this “voice” is ongoing and ever evolving.  With each canvas or journal page, bits and pieces can be found.  In the lines and brush strokes, color choices and tools used.  Each act increases knowledge of this voice; this self.

The same can said of journal writing.  When we write, we learn a little bit more about who we are.  The words we use and those we don’t.  Our choice of writing tool or digital program.  The style of writing we choose; free form, structured, short, or long.  How often we commit ourselves to the page.  Each act helps us find our voices and express who we are.

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As you go into this next week, I want to encourage you to practice “noticing” in your writing process.  Allow yourself to write when you feel called to write and to not write when you don’t.  Use the journal and writing tools that you are drawn to in that moment.  Don’t force it.  Just allow yourself to notice what speaks to you.

In this way you will slowly but surely begin to find yourself and your voice, on the page.

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With Gratitude,

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