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3 Self-Care Practices for Times of Transition

3 Self-Care Practices for Times of Transition

There is never a “perfect” time for us to practice self-care.  Recently, my self-care routine has been disrupted due to a significant schedule change.  My daily responsibilities have increased causing me to lose time that I normally have for personal reflection and journal writing.  I’ve also (temporarily) lost some other cherished practices including, my preferred workout and creative times.  In focusing on my new responsibilities, I allowed these “old” routines to fall away.

If you like me, find yourself struggling to hold onto your cherished self-care routines while going through transition, I want to offer you the following 3 tips.

1.)  Practice Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness is simply a conscious act of staying aware and staying connected to the present moment.  Practicing mindfulness can help us manage these times of transition and keep us from becoming overwhelmed by the changes.  Mindfulness can help us pay attention to each moment that we are in instead of worrying about what hasn’t happened yet.

2.)  Practice Increased Self-Compassion

Increasing your practice of self-compassion is also a supportive self-care tool.  There can be a tendency to slip into negative self-talk when you find yourself not doing what you are “suppose” to be doing.  By reminding yourself that you are in a period of transition and that it is normal for your regular routines to become disrupted can help you combat the internal critic.

3.)  Practice Flexibility

Finally, practice flexibility.  If you are someone who holds to a very specific routine and find that unexpected (or expected) changes throw you off track, practicing flexibility can help you ride the waves of change more smoothly.  Practicing flexibility helps you more readily identify solutions to challenges instead of being overly focused on what’s “not” working.

Journal Prompts for Transition

If you are currently navigating a transition I want to encourage you to pull out your journal and spend some time reflecting on the following questions:

  • What am I feeling most challenged by in my current transition?
  • How can I practice more mindfulness, self-compassion, and flexibility as I navigate this change?

Do you have any practices that you’ve found helpful during times of transition?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

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With Gratitude,

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