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What is Journal Writing? – [A Personal Essay]

What journal writing is to me

My journal is a safe space.  A place where I can come and bear my soul or say nothing at all.  I am able to share here without judgement.  I have the freedom to come and go as I please, knowing that when I am ready, my journal is waiting for me.

My writing fills the backs of old receipts, Post-it® notes, flash cards, paper scraps, leather bound pages, and digital landscapes.   There is no “right way” as long as I write.  I write my thoughts, feelings, dreams, desires, fears, & hopes.  I write down conversations I’ve had and conversations I wish I could have.

My journal captures memories and the things I wish for.  Ideas are explored and hopes are whispered.  I create myself on the page.  I can add in and edit out and practice this version of me into reality.  All from the safety of my journal pages.

I write reminders and affirmations when the “busyness” of life threatens to overwhelm me.

My journal is scribbled words that are sometimes hard to read.

My journal is lined and blank pages.  Digital documents and paint splattered notebooks.  My journal is priceless but not precious so I always feel free to use it.

I write sometimes and I write often.  I practice forgiveness and encouragement on these blank pages.

I write my prayers and profane words.  My journal is a constant contradiction.

I write because I have to and I avoid writing for the same reasons.

My journal is a place where I grow into myself more and more each day.

This is why I write.

-excerpt from my personal journal in response to the question: What is journal writing to me?

If you have been curious about what journal writing is, I hope you have found these personal reflections supportive for your journey.

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With Gratitude,

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