Rewriting Your Story: Private Life Coaching Program

A 90-Day 1:1 Coaching Partnership to Help You Create a Life with More Calm, Clarity, & Ease

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Dear Heart-Centered Woman, Caretaker, and Purpose-Driven Professional,

  • Do you struggle with feelings of self-doubt and insecurity?
  • Do you often wonder if you are doing, being, or providing enough?
  • Is most of your time taken-up by worrying about or taking care of others?
  • Do you experience a nagging sense of guilt when you think about doing something just for you?
  • Does your internal critic tell you that you are not worthy or not deserving?

Are you ready to finally stop putting yourself last and start nurturing yourself first?

If so, then I’d love to help.

I know what it’s like to feel the tug-of-war between who you really are and who people expect you to be.  I know what it’s like to push back against expectations and to move through fear.  I also know what it’s like to battle with insecurity and self-doubt, but to take action anyway.

I have been able to practice my way into the changes I desire to see in my life and I’d love to help you to do the same!

This 90-day private life coaching partnership was designed to help you develop healthy self-connection so that you can create a life you love with relationships that matter.

This program may be perfect for you if…

  • You are a heart-centered woman who is often the “caretaker”, “fixer”, or “helper” in your personal and/or professional relationships
  • You are a passionate creative and purpose-driven professional who sees your work as a your mission or life’s calling
  • You often place the needs of others above your own
  • You are self-sacrificing “to a fault”
  • You hold onto false beliefs about yourself due to negative self-talk
  • You struggle with feeling like you are “enough”
  • You have difficulty treating yourself with kindness and compassion.
  • You don’t make time for self-care and often suppress or ignore your own needs
  • You are ready to make the time and have the financial and emotional resources to commit to yourself and this process

In the Next 90-Days

Together, we will address mental blocks and barriers, as well as create and implement strategies to help you achieve your desired results.  The following represents just some of the different areas you can focus on during our work together.

  • Develop healthy personal boundaries in your relationships.  You know that how you’re interacting with your loved ones isn’t working, but are unsure of how to change it.  We will work to create your desired boundaries so that you can feel confident saying what you mean instead of what you think “they” want to hear; stop feeling guilty for saying no; and be able to ask for what you need with confidence.
  • Understand and honor your wants, needs, & desires.  You may have gotten in the habit of ignoring your “gut” and feel out-of-touch with who you are.  We will work to clear mental and emotional blocks so that you can  trust your gut again; say yes or no to things with confidence; and nurture yourself without feeling guilty.
  • Connect to your personal mission/vision.  You know that you were meant for more, but don’t have clarity on how to connect with this higher calling for your life.  We will work through fear, self-criticism, and confusion so that you can identify and begin living your life’s purpose.
  • Connect & feel grounded in your spirituality/guiding belief system.  You have a desire to be spiritually grounded and connected, but don’t know how to make this an active and practical part of your day-to-day life.  We can explore your personal values and uncover any blocks or limiting beliefs, so that you can feel spiritually grounded and make choices that are aligned with who you are.
  • Communicate effectively with others.  You find that you either say too much or not enough, and have no idea of how to communicate in a way that isn’t passive or aggressive.  We can rework your current communication style, so that you speak with confidence, clarity, and compassion while still sounding like yourself.

Sometimes what we need are systems to help us actually organize and manage our day-to-day activities.  

You could also work to…

  • Develop systems to more effectively manage tasks at home (ex. managing bill payments, cleaning/cooking schedules, organization of personal projects, etc.)
  • Create a stress management tool kit
  • Establish a consistent nurturing self-care practice

Our work together

Our work together is personalized to align with your unique needs and interests.  In order to make sure that you get the best results, I’ve crafted a package to provide you with holistic support.

RYS Welcome Kit
You will receive an initial assessment, a self-nurture contract, & a “heart” note.  These three pieces will help you begin to clarify your intentions and lay the foundation for our work together.

Laser Clarity Session
We will begin our work with a Laser Clarity Session.  During this 90-minute deep-dive, we will map-out a pathway to help you create your desired results over the next 6-12 month.

1:1 Coaching Sessions
Each month we will have 2, 45-minute coaching sessions (in-person, phone, Skype, or FaceTime).  You will receive support, feedback, & guidance as you explore your challenges and implement the steps necessary to achieve your desired results.

(Optional) Recorded Sessions
In order to deepen your learning and speed-up your progress, you can request recordings of your sessions (Phone sessions only).


Pre-Session Planning 
Before each meeting you will be provided with a template to map out your desired focus for our time together.

Post-Session Follow-up
At the end of our meeting, I will send you a post-session follow-up email containing the highlights of our call + any resources or recommendations.

Ongoing Email Support
During the 90-days you will have access to me via email in-between sessions.  You may use this support to ask questions, to share successes, and for additional accountability.

Access to Resource Library
This includes book recommendations, prompts, exercises, worksheets, and/or self-coaching workbooks that are specifically targeted to your needs.

The Financial Investment

The financial investment for this program is $500/ month (with a minimum 3-month commitment).

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the summer slow-down and really stand for yourself.  It’s time for you to say “no more” to putting yourself last and finally say YES to nurturing yourself first!

Apply to Work With Me for Summer 2016


What some clients have had to say…

“Karla did not just give me all the answers and tell me what to do. She made me get to know and understand myself. Breaking down and crying with her and going home and doing the “homework” she gave me really helped me to break through serious barriers and issues I had. Also being told that it is OKAY to take care of yourself first and then trying to care for others. I now understand the importance of self care and realizing that you can’t help others until you help yourself. My sessions with Karla were very freeing. In her office, I didnt have to fake anything or be someone else. I could really let everything go and really open up with no judgements. I now know and understand myself better than ever.”

“Ms. Lawrence helped me to navigate the most challenging year of my life as I dealt with separation, divorce, job stress, aging, self doubt, and the emotional roller coaster that goes along with major life changes.  She helped me learn to be patient with myself, allow myself the space to grieve and heal, and most importantly, to lead a life that feels truly authentic to who I am at my core.”

“Working with Karla has helped me grieve in a healthy way.  From the moment I reached Karla on the phone to set up an appointment, she has been nothing short of amazing. She has displayed compassion at every turn and has been a great reflection for accountability and progress. Each session has yielded a great return.”


Additional Information

Creativity & Coaching

In the coaching relationship I use creativity as a tool for the change process.  As a tool for change, creativity shows up in our conversations.  We will explore ideas together, create unique approaches to problem-solving, & think “outside-of-the-box” to achieve your coaching goals.  If desired, I will also incorporate creative activities during or in-between our meetings. These activities may include journal & art journaling exercises.


I am a Certified Professional Coach through the Grow Training Institute, a National Certified Counselor, and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.  I have over fourteen years of combined experience in education, administration, social services, & art.  Ten years of my work experience was spent in non-profit organizations.  I have also been a multi-passionate entrepreneur and small business owner for the past five years.  This along with my work as an artist and professional counselor informs my approach to coaching.

As a Certified Professional Coach I uphold the code of ethics set by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Center for Credentialing & Education Inc. for Board Certified Coaches (BCC).  As a professional counselor I also uphold the code of ethics set by my licensing board and national certification organization.

Coaching vs. Professional Counseling

While there are similarities between coaching and professional counseling, I do not combine these two services.  These are two separate roles and as such, are separate services and conversations.  While both coaching and professional counseling use information about human behavior, motivation, and behavior change; the focus of each role is different.  Professional counseling is focused on mental health and emotional healing.  The coaching relationship focuses on achievement of personal and/or professional goals.  In certain instances I may recommend that you receive counseling support (with another counselor or therapist) as a condition of continuing coaching.

Hold Harmless

In my role as a life, career, and small business development coach, I may make suggestions or offer resources to my clients.  Each client, however, assumes sole responsibility for the actions he/she decides to take regarding his/her life, career, and/or business development path. As a result, all clients agree to hold Karla harmless for the state of their health, wellness, careers, and/or businesses, as well as take full responsibility for their own results apart from coaching. Clients will indemnify and hold Karla Lawrence harmless from any legal claims, actions, or judgments.

Ready to get started?

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